Please watch the video of our POS system to get a better idea of the different functions and features.

It has never been easier to take advantage of the benefits of POS. Harbortouch offers a full-featured point of sale system without all the hassle or the high cost. We removed the cost barrier and simplified the process so you can easily transition from your current setup to a state of the art touch-screen POS system that will streamline your business operations and automate your daily management activities. Combining the highest quality hardware with cutting edge software and exceptional customer service, Harbortouch is the ultimate tool not only for handling transactions but also for managing your entire business! Harbortouch offers countless time and money saving features that will allow you to focus on what's important: keeping your customers satisfied and spending!

Why Harbortouch POS

Retail Solution: This software package offers a wide range of advanced retail features such as a color/size/style matrix, inventory tracking, customer database, vendor management, purchase order creation and even support for rentals and consignment.

Advanced Reporting

More informed business decisions

Harbortouch POS offers countless time and money saving features that will allow you to efficiently manage your business while focusing on what’s important: keeping your customers satisfied and spending!

POS System Sales Reports

pos system sales reports
  • Financial Overview
  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Hourly Sales
  • Menu Item Sales
  • And many more!

Labor Reports

  • Payroll
  • Labor Comparison
  • Employee Directory
  • Jobs
  • And many more!

Menu / Product Reports

  • Basic Product Mix
  • Day-Part Product Mix
  • Product Sales by Employee
  • Detailed Menu Breakdowns
  • And many more!

Auditing Reports

  • Voids/Comps/Discounts
  • Cash Drawers
  • Tender Types
  • Detailed Tickets
  • And many more!

Customer Reports

  • Customer Summary
  • Customer Detail
  • Sales
  • Payments
  • And many more!